Before and After: A Size-Doubling Greenwich Village Kitchen Design

Looking for the Greenwich Village kitchen design ideas for your next project? See how we doubled the size of one apartment and what we can do for you.

Before and After: A Size-Doubling Greenwich Village Kitchen Design

When you’re customizing your dream kitchen, go big *and* go home. There’s no reason a kitchen renovation can't totally change your daily life.

This family needed a bigger kitchen. They had a few other luxury kitchen renovation ideas, too, like more storage, a more contemporary feel, and better function overall, but what excited them most was the chance to expand their kitchen footprint.

But in consultations with the designers of Gallery Kitchen & Bath, the Ravitzes were able to hone in on an artistic vision, too. For their new kitchen, they decided on a transitional style, so named for its melding of the modern and the traditional. Transitional design is versatile and flexible, and it marries the best of two worlds: you get the ease of high-end appliances, alongside the warmth of familiar—but not stale—visual elements.

This kitchen remodel took its owners to some very exciting places...

A Space Adventure

The previous Greenwich Village kitchen was delineated with floor tiles. The kitchen had (and has) an open floor plan, and the tiles ended where the rest of the level’s hardwood began. Step One for the Gallery designers was to tears these tiles out, leaving behind a square of exposed foundation surrounded by the other rooms’ wood. Next, they installed wood floors that looked very similar to the surrounding wood floors. After that, they refinished the hardwood in the kitchen and beyond with the same look. The result is that the kitchen looked even more expansive than before, melding as it now does into the rest of the level’s layout. It was always an open kitchen, but now it’s a much more open open kitchen.

Because the family wanted to change their kitchen but no other room, Gallery pros had to put up ZipWalls. These temporary sheets of plastic helped isolate dust and debris—and there was a lot—to a single space. Hey, no one said every design challenge was a glamorous one.

A Private Island

To create more storage, Gallery Kitchen and Bath extended the wet wall, which is a term for a wall that hosts plumbing fixtures (like the sink). While they were at it, the contractors also added a kitchen island, which graced the room with more counter space as well as extra shelves and cabinets. Now, there are places for storing all the meal prep essentials: spices, mixing bowl, take-out menus.

A Hidden Chamber of Electromagnetism

Designers installed roll-out trays throughout the entire kitchen. These genius structures provide extra countertops and shelves in seconds, then recede back into the furniture to hide. It’s a sneaky, secret way to get all the storage and space you could dream of. They also installed a microwave drawer, which conceals the state-of-the-art food-nuker when it’s not in use.

A Farmhouse…On a Really, Really, Really Chic Farm

The family chose high-end appliances. Not only do the brand-new fridge and stove make the kitchen even more functional, but their stainless steel facades also add a visual dose of slick, urban modernity.

One new appliance, however, is different. It shares its peers’ high-end status, but it exudes a much more traditional feel. It’s the farmhouse sink, whose distinctive, sweetly quaint vibe makes it the crown jewel of the Ravitz’s new kitchen.

How do both types of appliance work so well together? It’s because the design is transitional, which means it blends modern and classic together for a mood at once welcoming and updated.

While the farmhouse sink anchors the kitchen’s country side, and stainless steel anchors the urban side, a host of smaller elements sprinkle in qualities of both: subway tiles fold in extra modernity, while polished gold knobs call to mind antique fixtures.

But no element better exemplifies the traditional-contemporary blend than this kitchen’s new custom kitchen cabinets. The shaker-style silhouette is a country kitchen classic, but the dark gray exterior is very modern, and even a little off-beat. (Gray is a dependable option for those who want minimalism, or an off-white palette, that still feels human and inviting.)

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